Thank You For Making A Donation!

PAST Teams is a 501 (c)(3). Your donations are used to support concussion, addiction and other sports education programs for high school and college athletes and their families and for the support funding needed for the P.A.S.T. retried professional athlete’s medical program.

P.A.S.T. Physicians and facilitates donate their time and services but funding is needed for items such as: travel, lodging, medications, medical support, after care and other supplemental medical needs for the players.* Funds are also used for outreach, screening and education programs.

P.A.S.T. has provided over four million dollars in medical treatment, education and screening programs.

Want to Donate Another Amount?

If you want to donate another amount you can select more than one preset amount, we will add them together and show them as a single donation. So if you wanted to donate $75 you can select a $25 and a $50 donation.

If you prefer you can call us at 877-614-7278 to make a donation by phone.